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Nicolas Lindemann, executive director in Tradecorp, appointed head of the Task Force on Salts, Minerals and Chemicals in EBIC

At the EBIC General Assembly held in Dublin on 1 July 2014, EBIC’s members renewed the association’s board of directors. Six members of the board were re-elected, with one member continuing a two-year term after election in July 2013.

President: Giuseppe Natale (Valagro)
Vice President: Benoît Genot (Arysta LifeScience)
Secretary/Treasurer: Francisco Miguel (Atlántica Agrícola)
– Paul Mullins (Brandon Products)
– Jean-Marc Sanchez (Lallemand Plant Care)
– Murray Smedley (Ilex Envirosciences)
– Jean-François Galey (Groupe Roullier CFPR)

EBIC has also appointed new leaders for two of its technology task forces:

  • Nicolas Lindemann (Tradecorp) is the new head of the Task Force on Salts, Minerals and Chemicals. This task force leads discussions on critical issues related to substances that can produce effects regulated under more than one regulatory framework (often referred to as “dual-use substances”).
  • Silvia Fernandez (Koppert Biological Systems) is the new head of the Task Force on Micro-organisms. A key priority for this task force is the continuing dialogue on risk assessment of products containing micro-organisms.