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Tradecorp launches its new website

In with the updating of its corporate identity, Tradecorp has launched its new website which has been developed and adapted to the online world. 

The main aspects that have been incorporated are the following:

  • Adaptive design, which makes the website easier to read and easier to use as it adapts to different screen types for both pc’s and other devices
  • Structure in connection with local websites to facilitate access to specific information for the user’s market and in the user’s language (under development).
  • Powerful search engine to locate information with a single click.
  • New design and structure for the menus to facilitate the locating of information and to emphasise the most significant news items
  • Use of tags to facilitate the search for information on a specific subject.
  • RSS service for the user to be always up to date regarding Tradecorp news.
  • New multimedia possibilities for presenting information in a clearer and more explanatory way using tools such as video and animation.