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organic nitrogen fertiliser

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Tradecorp are experts in crop nutrition, particularly micronutrients and plant biostimulation. Established in Spain in 1985, Tradecorp manufactures and distributes specialty fertilizer and crop nutrition products for agriculture.       Tradecorp APAC The Tradecorp Asia Pacific (APAC) Regional Office is based in Australia with sales, technical and support staff located in Australia, India and Korea. […]

delfan plus

Highly concentrated L-α free Amino Acid plant stress reliever for improved crop production   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/v)

phylgreen 200

Phylgreen 200 is a 100% active, cold processed extract of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed kelp plant biostimulant. Ascophyllum nodosum only grows in a few cold water locations in the North Atlantic Ocean. Tradecorp hand cut fresh Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed kelp from rocks at low tide and immediately extract Phylgreen at our shoreline factory using Tradecorp’s unique gentle low temperature cold […]

boramin Ca

High efficiency calcium and boron complexed with L-α free Amino Acids for enhanced uptake and translocation   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/v)