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Tradeferro K6 WG

Iron (Fe) EDDHA chelate as 100% soluble micro-granule with added Potassium for synergistic plant uptake of iron   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/w)

tradecorp AZ Plus

Complete EDTA chelate chemical mix of 7 micro nutrients and L-α Free Amino Acids particularly effective in times of abiotic stress   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/w)

turbo Root WG

Complete starter fertilizer containing Humic acids, L-α Free Amino Acids, NPK and EDTA micronutrients, 100% soluble   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/w)


Tradecorp are experts in crop nutrition, particularly micronutrients and plant biostimulation. Established in Spain in 1985, Tradecorp manufactures and distributes specialty fertilizer and crop nutrition products for agriculture.       Tradecorp APAC The Tradecorp Asia Pacific (APAC) Regional Office is based in Australia with sales, technical and support staff located in Australia, India and Korea. […]

tradecorp AZ fresco

Premium chemical mix of 6 micro nutrient EDTA chelates with Magnesium (Mg) as 100% soluble micro-granule   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/w)

tradecorp AZ bentley plus

Premium hydroponic crop chemical mix of 7 micro nutrient EDTA / EDDHA chelates as 100% soluble micro-granule to prevent & correct multiple deficiencies   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/w)

humifirst WG

100% Soluble concentrated micro-granule of Humic and Fulvic acids   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/w)

amifol K

Concentrated low scorch risk Potassium fertiliser with enhanced uptake due to the inclusion of L-α free Amino Acids from the Delfan Range for high quality fruit fill and finish   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/v)


Concentrated liquid Humic and Fulvic acids derived from American Leonardite   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/v) Total Humic Extract (THE): 16.5% Humic Acids: 13.2% Fulvic Acids: 3.3% Potassium (K) soluble in water: 4.6%