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Tradecorp launches new corporate campaign “The answers lie in our hands” to propel innovative solutions in biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition

Tradecorp, a global company specialized in biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition, launches The answers lie in our hands, a corporate campaign aimed  to face global challenges, to transform food production through a sustainable improvement of agriculture by collaborating to eradicate hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition worldwide. Product innovation, collaboration and digitalization are central to Tradecorp’s strategy to enable a […]

Australian Banana Industry Congress 2021

This May the Tradecorp Australia team will be at the banana industries premier event; The Australian Banana Industry Congress 2021. This is an opportunity for banana growers from around the country to come together to network and learn about the latest technology, research and developments impacting the industry. This years congress will be held in […]

The 7 major challenges in understanding humic acids

The Humic Acid market remains one of the most challenging, confusing, and least understood aspects of the global agricultural input market. Tradecorp analysed the industry in detail and highlights the 7 major challenges for the humic acid industry on this article. 1. First of all, what does the term “Humic Acids” refer to? In simple […]

Biostimulation 360º, a new biostimulation concept to efficiently overcome abiotic stress

Tradecorp recently presented Biostimulation 360º, a new concept to promote the correct approach towards different kinds of abiotic stresses.

turbo Root WG

Complete starter fertilizer containing Humic acids, L-α Free Amino Acids, NPK and EDTA micronutrients, 100% soluble   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (w/w)


Tradecorp are experts in crop nutrition, particularly micronutrients and plant biostimulation. Established in Spain in 1985, Tradecorp manufactures and distributes specialty fertilizer and crop nutrition products for agriculture.       Tradecorp APAC The Tradecorp Asia Pacific (APAC) Regional Office is based in Australia with sales, technical and support staff located in Australia, India and Korea. […]

Tradecorp signs EBIC Code of Conduct for Placing Plant Biostimulants on the Market

To help increase clarity in the marketplace for users, producers and consumers, the European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) has developed a Code of Conduct for Placing Plant Biostimulants on the Market.  This Code of Conduct promotes transparency and allows farmers to make informed choices about the additional benefits that biostimulants can bring to their crop management systems. By signing […]

The Irish company OGT, specialist in harvesting and processing of seaweed, becomes part of Tradecorp

The acquisition will give Tradecorp preferential access to top quality raw material which will strengthen and increase Tradecorp’s biostimulants range.

Nicolas Lindemann, executive director in Tradecorp, appointed head of the Task Force on Salts, Minerals and Chemicals in EBIC

At the EBIC General Assembly held in Dublin on 1 July 2014, EBIC’s members renewed the association’s board of directors. Six members of the board were re-elected, with one member continuing a two-year term after election in July 2013.

Tradecorp presents its plan of compliance with the Code of Conduct of EBIC

This compliance plan aims to ensure the integration of Code of Conduct of EBIC in the strategy and commitments of the company.With the signing of the Code of Conduct of EBIC in October 2013, Tradecorp is committed to respect stringent ethical standards.