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EDTA / EDDHA Chelates

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EDTA / EDDHA Chelates

The most efficient solution to prevent & correct nutrient deficiencies in all crops


True chelates guarantee correct absorption and assimilation of the nutrient by crops. This avoids precipitation or the formation of non-soluble products that are unavailable to plants.

Tradecorp chelates are presented as micro-granules (WG), ensuring instant and total solubility, with no risk of lumps or sediments.



  • 100% rapdily and instantansously soluble micro-granule
  • Advanced drying and micro-granulation technology from the global detergent industry
  • A microscopic air bubble is entrapped at the centre of each micro-granule
  • On contact with water the difference in pressure between the liquid outside and trapped air bubble inside causes the micro-granule to rupture
  • Rapid solubilisation of the dry micro-granule occurs
  • A fine effervencence can be observed as the released micro air bubbles float to the surface
  • Tradecorp Quality & Efficiency in action



Tradecorp Australia EDTA EDDHA Chelates Range Brochure