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Tradeferro K6 WG

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Tradeferro K6 WG

Tradeferro K6 WG

Iron (Fe) EDDHA chelate as 100% soluble micro-granule with added Potassium for synergistic plant uptake of iron



  • Iron (Fe) soluble in water: 6.0% w/w
  • Iron (Fe) chelated by EDDHA: 4.8% w/w
  • Iron (Fe) chelated by EDDHA in ortho-ortho position: 2.1% w/w
  • Potassium (K) soluble in water: 9.13% w/w

  • Main benefits:
  • Solubility
  • Infosheets & Labels
  • Crops & Trials
  • SDS
  • Our production plant located in Ávila, Spain, synthesises the EDDHA chelating agent and is one of the few facilities in the world capable of producing Iron EDDHA
  • A balance between prolonged persistence due to the ortho-ortho (o-o) Fe EDDHA (2.1% o-o) and ortho-para isomers which release Iron more quickly after application
  • The inclusion of Potassium as a chemical mix encourages synergistic uptake of Iron in plants in keeping with Mulders Chart
  • 100% soluble with total and instantaneous solubility due to the high quality wettable micro-granule (WG) formulation
  • Easy and convenient handling without the formation of lumps or sediments, keeping tanks clean
  • Tradeferro K6 WG prevents and corrects Iron deficiency, improving photosynthetic processes and enhances chlorophyll and protein synthesis
  • Tradeferro K6 WG is suitable for use on all acid and alkaline / calcareous soils from pH 3-11, hydroponic crops, fertigation and substrate preparations
  • Tradeferro K6 WG is particularly suitable for multiple split applications via fertigation systems



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