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The safest solution for irrigation line cleaning, water acidification (pH correction) and water conditioning



  • Total Nitrogen (N): 22.5%
  • Urea Nitrogen (U-N) soluble in water: 22.5%
  • Sulfur (S) soluble in water: 24.0%

  • Main benefits:
  • Infosheets & Labels
  • Crops & Trials
  • SDS

  • Enhanced safety in handling concentrated product compared to conventional acids
  • Does not burn skin during short exposure
  • Easy unblocking of drippers and irrigation systems
  • Acidification and conditioning of irrigation water by neutralising bicarbonates and solubilising other impurities
  • Improvement of Saline and Sodic soils through increased leaching of Sodium and other associated ions
  • Efficient fertilizer source of urea Nitrogen and Sulfur


Crop Nutrition Programs:

OHS management is easy with Tradecorp:

  • All Tradecorp SDS are fully GHS compliant
  • For easy management of Tradecorp SDS please visit: QuickSDS
  • Once you enter your email address and have downloaded the SDS for the product you will be automatically emailed whenever the SDS is updated in the future
  • This ensures your OHS paperwork is easily kept up to date

A few tips on using QuickSDS:

  1. On the home page enter your:
    • Company Name
    • Your Name
    • Your email address
  1. Supplier Name: Tradecorp
    • No need for Customer Code
  1. Select: Trade Corporation Australia
  1. Enter the product name in the search box
  1. Click on the Product SDS you want
  1. Once you click and open an SDS you will be automatically emailed if that SDS is updated in the future

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