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Products for Organic Agriculture

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Many of Tradecorp’s products are suitable for use in Organic Agriculture.

Tradecorp products are certified by both International (e.g. Ecocert) and Local (e.g. Australian Certified Organic ACO), certifying bodies.

Within Australia the following products are certified Australian Organic Allowed Inputs by Australian Certified Organic:

Humifirst WG Humic Acid Fulvic Acid wettable granule derived from American Leonardite



Humifirst WG












Phylgreen Ascophyllum nodosum cold process, gentle extract seaweed bio stimulant



Phylgreen 200




Delfan Plus L-α Free Amino Acid plant biostimulant and anti stress product containing organic nitrogen



Delfan Plus













Internationally some of the products approved for Organic Agriculture by Ecocert include:


  • Chelates
  • Foliar fertilizers
  • Humics
  • Biostimulants

EC permitted:


Tradecorp Range:
Tradecorp Fe, Tradecorp Mn, Tradecorp Zn, Tradecorp Cu, Tradecorp Zn+Mn, Tradecitrus, Tradefer

Tradecorp AZ Range:
Tradecorp AZ, Tradecorp AZ I, Tradecorp AZ II, Tradecorp AZ Bentley, Tradecorp AZ Bentley Plus, Tradecorp AZ Jaguar, Tradecorp AZ Fresco

Cocktail Range:
Cocktail Jade, Cocktail Saphyr, Cocktail Tanzanite, Coktail Opal, Cocktail Amber

Nutricorp Range:
Nutricorp Mn, Nutricorp Zn, Nutricorp Cu

JAS permitted: 

Tradecorp AZ
Tradecorp Mn
Tradecorp Zn


EC permitted:

Tradebor range:
Tradebor, Tradebor Mo, Tradebor Zn

Maxflow range:
Maxflow Ca, Maxflow Mg, Maxflow Mn, Maxflow Zn, Maxflow Zn-Mn

NOP permitted: 

Tradebor range:
Tradebor, Tradebor Mo

Maxflow range:
Maxflow Ca, Maxflow Mg, Maxflow Mn, Maxflow Zn, Maxflow Zn-Mn

JAS permitted: 







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OMRI listed according to NOP:

Humistar WG







EC permitted:

Aton Range:
Aton Ca, Aton Fe, Aton Mn, Aton Zn, Aton AZ

Delfan Range:
Delfan, Delfan Plus, Delfan V, Delfan Plus V

Phylgreen Range:
Phylgreen, Phylgreen Fe, Phylgreen Mg, Phylgreen 200, Phylgreen Kuma, Phylgreen Adara, Phylgreen Adara Plus, Phylgreen Altair

NOP permitted:

Delfan Range:
Delfan, Delfan Plus

OMRI listed according to NOP: