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Humic Acids

Improve soil fertility & structure



Humic acids promote root growth and size, increase nutrient absorption and encourage vegetative development of crops. Tradecorp Humics are produced from American Leonardite and have been independently researched, and proven worldwide, to improve soil properties, fertility and plant vigour.

Humic acids have a positive effect on:

  • soil physical structure by promoting increased aggregation
  • soil chemistry by increasing nutrient availability in soil, especially phosphorous
  • soil biology through increased soil microbial biomass



Tradecorp Australia Humic Acid Range Brochure


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Enhance natural plant

Growth & Abiotic Stress Resistance



Tradecorp’s Biostimulant range naturally increases the vigour and vitality of crops beyond the fertiliser effect of the product. This is achieved by supplying nutrients in Amino Acid, long chain sugar and / or natural growth stimulating or stress reducing forms such as anti-oxidants.

What are Biostimulants?

There is a lot of confusin in Australia, and globally about the word Biostimulant

In an effort to promote best practice, Tradecorp along with other reputable manafacturers, was one of the founding members of EBIC – the European Biostimulant Industry Council.

Plant biostimulants* when applied to crops or the soil stimulate natural processes to enhance:

  • Nutrient Uptake
  • Nutrient use Efficiency (NUE)
  • Plant Tolerance to Abiotic Stress
  • Crop Quality attributes
  • Biostimulants have no direct action against pests

*as defined by EBIC

The Free Amino Acids in our Biostimulant range are in the biologically active and plant usable L-α Free Amino Acid form.

The long chain sugars and anti-oxidants are extracted using a unique cold gentle extraction process, from Ascophyllum nodosum, a cold water seaweed that only grows in the clean waters of the far north Atlantic Ocean.


Tradecorp Australia Biostimulant Range Brochure

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EDTA / EDDHA Chelates

The most efficient solution to prevent & correct nutrient deficiencies in all crops


True chelates guarantee correct absorption and assimilation of the nutrient by crops. This avoids precipitation or the formation of non-soluble products that are unavailable to plants.

Tradecorp chelates are presented as micro-granules (WG), ensuring instant and total solubility, with no risk of lumps or sediments.



  • 100% rapdily and instantansously soluble micro-granule
  • Advanced drying and micro-granulation technology from the global detergent industry
  • A microscopic air bubble is entrapped at the centre of each micro-granule
  • On contact with water the difference in pressure between the liquid outside and trapped air bubble inside causes the micro-granule to rupture
  • Rapid solubilisation of the dry micro-granule occurs
  • A fine effervencence can be observed as the released micro air bubbles float to the surface
  • Tradecorp Quality & Efficiency in action



Tradecorp Australia EDTA EDDHA Chelates Range Brochure


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Foliar fertilisers

Meet the specific needs of individual crops


Crops need different nutrients at different stages of plant growth. Influence yield and quality parameters with mixes designed to influence protein content, sugar level, fruit colour and size, photosynthetic activity among others.


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Special correctors

Adjuvants for specific needs in crops


Innovative and differentiated solutions for specific needs such as problems related with salinity and sodicity in soils or pH regulation for the correct conditioning of spray solutions and irrigation water.


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NPK & Starters

Water soluble NPK fertilizer


State-of-the-art NPK range with products adapted to the nutritional requirements of crops at different growth stages:

  • soluble in water
  • balanced concentration of macronutrients
  • enriched with essential micronutrients chelated by EDTA

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