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Global Compact: Tradecorp presents its Communication on Progress 2012

As a Global Compact participant, Tradecorp is presenting its Communication on Progress (COP) for 2012. In this document, we describe the actions that have been carried out in 2012 to respect and enact the 10 principles in the Global Compact.

The main actions that Tradecorp has developed in 2012 are:

  • Development of a Code of Conduct
  • Development of a Protocol for Responsible Purchases
  • Enacting the Global Compact and the 10 principles
  • Internal commitment to the Global Compact
  • Donations to institutions that are involved with human rights, the abolition of forced labour and child labour
  • Study on the company’s salaries and comparisons with the average wages for similar profiles in other companies
  • Analysis of the diversity indicators in the company
  • Great Place to Work and Human Resources Programme
  • Decrease in occupational hazards
  • Development of products for Organic Agriculture
  • Use of recycled materials and sustainable materials
  • Reusing and recycling water in factories
  • Actions for environmental protection
  • Protection and restoration of habitats
  • Anticorruption policy