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Australian Banana Industry Congress 2021

This May the Tradecorp Australia team will be at the banana industries premier event; The Australian Banana Industry Congress 2021. This is an opportunity for banana growers from around the country to come together to network and learn about the latest technology, research and developments impacting the industry. This years congress will be held in […]

Are you using a top quality Humic Fulvic Acid product? This is our checklist to find it out!

One of the biggest challenges in the Humic Acid industry is the lack of tests that measure the quality of Humic Fulvic acids and not just their quantity. Challenged by this situation, we carried out an insightful market study with the objective of better understanding what is for sale in the international Humic Fulvic Acids market. From […]

The 7 major challenges in understanding humic acids

The Humic Acid market remains one of the most challenging, confusing, and least understood aspects of the global agricultural input market. Tradecorp analysed the industry in detail and highlights the 7 major challenges for the humic acid industry on this article. 1. First of all, what does the term “Humic Acids” refer to? In simple […]

Success Story: Increasing profitability using a Tradecorp Salinity and Sodicity management program – Tradecorp Central Office – 20/08/2020

Between 25 – 35% of worldwide agricultural lands are affected by salinity and sodicity which are two of the most difficult abiotic stresses to manage. Below we present a case study of a grower from Australia who used a Tradecorp salinity and sodicity management program. The strategy used products from the locally available portfolio and was […]

49 Tradecorp products authorised by Ecocert for Organic Agriculture in 2020

The list includes many of Tradecorp’s main products. Some of them, such as Phylgreen and Delfan Plus V, maintain their approved status, while new products, such as IsliFe 8.2, join the list for the first time. In addition to complying with the European Union’s Organic Agriculture standards, some of Tradecorp’s products have also been carefully formulated to comply with […]

Drought Stress Informational Video


Looking back on Tradecorp’s 2019

Tradecorp pushed through with hard work and perseverance to achieve their goals. Let’s take a look at what we have accomplished this past year.

Australian Ambassador visits Tradecorps Factory in Ireland

This July the Australian Ambassador, Richard Andrews, and his wife, Saovanee Andrews visited the OGT factory in Ireland to see where OGT, a Tradecorp subsidiary, combines its innovative technology and experience to create the Phylgreen range. This product is a liquid seaweed extract based on 100% Ascophyllum nodosum harvested from the coasts of Ireland.

IsliFe 8.2, Tradecorp’s new iron biodegradable chelate

More than a decade of work and research yield results in Islife 8.2, a novel iron chelate that corrects and prevents iron deficiencies even in unfavorable conditions, such as calcareous and alkaline soils with extreme pH conditions. 

Biostimulation 360º, a new biostimulation concept to efficiently overcome abiotic stress

Tradecorp recently presented Biostimulation 360º, a new concept to promote the correct approach towards different kinds of abiotic stresses.