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Looking back on Tradecorp’s 2019

Tradecorp pushed through with hard work and perseverance to achieve their goals. Let’s take a look at what we have accomplished this past year.

Australian Ambassador visits Tradecorps Factory in Ireland

This July the Australian Ambassador, Richard Andrews, and his wife, Saovanee Andrews visited the OGT factory in Ireland to see where OGT, a Tradecorp subsidiary, combines its innovative technology and experience to create the Phylgreen range. This product is a liquid seaweed extract based on 100% Ascophyllum nodosum harvested from the coasts of Ireland.

IsliFe 8.2, Tradecorp’s new iron biodegradable chelate

More than a decade of work and research yield results in Islife 8.2, a novel iron chelate that corrects and prevents iron deficiencies even in unfavorable conditions, such as calcareous and alkaline soils with extreme pH conditions. 

Biostimulation 360º, a new biostimulation concept to efficiently overcome abiotic stress

Tradecorp recently presented Biostimulation 360º, a new concept to promote the correct approach towards different kinds of abiotic stresses.


Tradecorp are experts in crop nutrition, particularly micronutrients and plant biostimulation. Established in Spain in 1985, Tradecorp manufactures and distributes specialty fertilizer and crop nutrition products for agriculture.       Tradecorp APAC The Tradecorp Asia Pacific (APAC) Regional Office is based in Australia with sales, technical and support staff located in Australia, India and Korea. […]

Tradecorp joins the United Nations Global Compact

In January, Tradecorp signed a commitment letter to join the Global Compact. Thus, Tradecorp is committed to align its operations and strategy with 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Global Compact: Tradecorp presents its Communication on Progress 2012

As a Global Compact participant, Tradecorp is presenting its Communication on Progress (COP) for 2012. In this document, we describe the actions that have been carried out in 2012 to respect and enact the 10 principles in the Global Compact.

Tradecorp Brasil launches the Somar programme

This programme, designed by Tradecorp, endeavours to train collaborators in sales and to retain talent in the face of the new challenges that the company must confront.

Tradecorp – 8th best company to work in Mexico according to GPTW

The Great Place to Work ranking has classified Tradecorp México as the 8th best company to work in from 50 to 500 collaborators and the 1st company in the Centre-West region in 2013.

Clients from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and South Africa participate in the Tradecorp School

A new edition of the Tradecorp School, an event that gathers clients from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and South Africa, has been celebrated in Spain.