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Tradecorp signs EBIC Code of Conduct for Placing Plant Biostimulants on the Market

To help increase clarity in the marketplace for users, producers and consumers, the European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) has developed a Code of Conduct for Placing Plant Biostimulants on the Market

This Code of Conduct promotes transparency and allows farmers to make informed choices about the additional benefits that biostimulants can bring to their crop management systems. By signing the EBIC Code of Conduct, Tradecorp commits to operating with high ethical standards in doing business, notably:

  • Respecting all applicable laws and regulations in any market where Tradecorp operates;
  • Developing safe and effective products;
  • Working with authorities to ensure fair competition and consumer protection;
  • Providing adequate information for end users to make informed decisions.

The implementation process will be a journey, with compliance steps expected to converge towards the requirements of future EU regulation when it comes into effect. Tradecorp’s first commitment is to develop an individual compliance plan on how we will converge towards the expected EU requirements, with deadlines set accordingly.

More information on:

Paz Pérez, and Pilar Gallego, from Regulatory Affairs and REACH unit in Tradecorp, and Giuseppe Natale, President of EBIC.