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» News » Product news » Pralumus Bare Roots: Root dressing for successful transplanting

Pralumus Bare Roots: Root dressing for successful transplanting

Pralumus Bare Roots is an exclusive innovation for root dressing, designed for easy application at plantation or transplantation of naked root seedlings.

Pralumus promotes root development by the combination of two actions: maintaining good root hydration and the stimulation of the development of new roots and root hairs.

Transplantation is a delicate operation: at unearthing, transportation and transplanting, seedlings suffer severe stress. Some species are particularly sensitive to these stressful conditions. Economic losses associated with plant mortality and growth delay affect adversely both the nursery and the user.

Moisturizing balm for the roots

First function of Pralumus Bare Roots is to maintain the roots humid, as it is the desiccation of roots that causes mortality of plants. Special active ingredients of Pralumus that increase water retention act as moisturizing balm during the critical phase of transplantation: they provide the plant with increased tolerance to drought, which increases the recovery rate after transplanting.


Root stimulant

The organic substances contained in Pralumus Bare Roots stimulate new root growth rapidly in the soil, which allows plants extract nutrients and water more efficiently. The sooner the plant becomes established, the better its growth and disease resistance will be.


Easy and profitable procedure

  • Easy and fast application, possibility to prepare the solution in advance or at planting
  • It is soluble in cold water
  • It reduces plant mortality after transplanting in new plantations
  • Quicker soil coverage saves of labor costs for weed control

Pralumus Bare Roots is the result of a close collaboration between Tradecorp, research institutions, nurseries and Wavreumont Monastery (Belgium) whose activity has always been linked to forestry. Tradecorp and Wavreumont monks have combined their expertise to develop an environmentally friendly, convenient and inexpensive formulation inspired by tradition.